AQUASON officially represents the following products and companies:

AGEOTEC products, including the successful range of ROV models.

Echoview is the world’s premier software package for hydroacoustic data processing, delivering powerful and flexible capabilities for water-column and bottom echosounder and sonar data processing.

Hemisphere GNSS is a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative and cost-effective GNSS and complimentary products for positioning, guidance, and machine control applications. Products are focused on marine, land survey, construction, mapping, and OEM solutions.

SeapiX is the 3D sonar technology that revolutionizes the fishing industry as well as fisheries science. 200 times more coverage, 4 multibeam swaths in real time, an unparalleled 120°x120° pyramidal water volume coverage, built in 3D motion sensing, 50 times more resolution, 1.6° beam resolution, Chirp processing, 7 cm radial resolution. Single fish become visible and their Target Strength is measured accurately. SeapiX provides realistic assessment capabilities in real time.

Smith-Root World leader in fisheries conservation equipment. Smith-Root currently produces a full line of electrofishing, electroanesthesia, fish guidance and field research equipment.

AQUASON is partnering worldwide with CLAS Certification for consultation work related to the placement of armour units like Accropode™ and inspection of breakwaters using latest sonar and imaging technology.

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AQUASON is a private consultancy providing research and consulting services in aquatic systems, mainly in coastal marine areas, lakes, reservoirs and rivers.

At AQUASON we rely only on advanced technology to satisfy our customers needs.

We perform or contribute to environmental impact assessments, environmental monitoring, biological cartography and other studies related to aquatic environments (please see our list of references).

We are specialised in shallow water (< 100-200m) applications, with hydroacoustics and acoustic imaging as our principal evaluation techniques.

In difference to most of our competitors in Spain, we are using cutting edge technology and our methods are current state of the art, as we regularly attend and present results from our studies at national and international conferences. We are constantly in touch with international experts and the scientific community in general, always looking for the latest developments and aiming at introducing this knowledge in our daily work, for the benefit of our customers.

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Bathymetry DIDSON mosaic of breakwater Fisheries acoustics

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